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Martin Jacobs

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Martin Jacobs

My Story

Martin is a senior leader and active hiring manager in the high-tech industry. He has worked for family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. During his career, he architected three startups which were successfully sold, forming his entrepreneurial approach to any business.

His emphasis when looking for talent has been on a solid combination of hard and soft skills. Martin looks for and attracts leaders for key positions. In his mind, personal and professional growth through ongoing education and team involvement are key. When asked about the #1 criteria that tips the scale in favor of a particular candidate, his answer is attitude. He has hired, assisted and placed many professionals through guidance and recommendations.

When it comes to writing, Martin likes to write about different aspects of the current business environment that help job seekers to succeed. In many ways, his approach is nontraditional, as he recognizes that candidates following a common-sense approach increase their chances to succeed manifold.

Helping others by sharing experiences and asking questions has helped him coach and mentor new and seasoned professionals alike, as he likewise relies on mentors to guide him.

His advice for job seekers is to stop applying for jobs, as he fundamentally believes the sheer number of applicants often leave talent unrecognized. Martin instead proposes to count on the one person each of us knows best. By portraying yourself as who you are and effectively utilizing a solid network and available tools, he believes chances to be approached with interesting opportunities are proven higher.

Martin enjoys seeing people reach their full potential and aspirational goals. He is also a passionate sailor and aims to sail from New York to Australia in the not-so-distant future.

Martin can be reached on LinkedIn for career advice and nonprofit involvements.


What’s in it for me?

‘Hold-on’ you are thinking, where is the catch? Why is this guy offering free advise? Somehow, somewhere he must be looking to make money…’ Sorry to disappoint, but I am not interested in your money. I have (and still am) receiving plenty of coaching, mentoring and support from various folks around the globe. I find it rewarding and encouraging to share life experiences. Therefore, learning from and helping others is something I have been blessed with throughout my career and I offer the same to others.

OK, but aren’t you selling books?
Yes, I do. And all books for sale are also available for free. The proceeds from the books sold are used to fund research for additional topics. Any profits are funneled into charitable organizations that support educational purposes. In summary, I am ambitious in my professional and personal goals. Offering advise to those that want to beat the proverbial rat race is what I enjoy. Call it a hobby. Still have doubts? Good thing that getting in touch with me is not mandatory nor do you have to listen to anything I have to say. It’s your choice. Fair enough?
When have I time to chat or discuss your goals with you?
Time is unfortunately limited, and I am mostly available evenings and some weekends. I have the privilege to be contacted by many talented folks but can’t help all on a 1 on 1 basis. If that is the case I will be straight forward about it. The posts, books and articles published are often a great start and help as improvement steps. I carefully watch participation, blogposts and contributions as part of the selection process when being contacted. And even if we do not get to interface immediately, we can still connect on Linkedin and when time and the opportunity allows, we might be talking sooner than you think.
What do I like?
I am fascinated with architecting and planning. To build something that is sustainable, lasting, scalable and that can ultimately stand the test of time. In my pursuit I come across the challenges that we all face. An ongoing accelerating evolution of change. Throughout my professional life I have found that the observation and anticipation of changes can solidify the processes that provide the proverbial swim lanes to operate efficiently. To observe, find and detect flaws in a process is rewarding in my view as it allows for continuous improvement. At the end of the day I have a conviction that everything, from nature, to humans, to work and life in general follows a process. Some flawed, some near perfection. The closer to perfection a process is, the higher the productivity and the resulting rewards. This stand true for almost anything you do regardless if it is professionally or personally and you will find it true for your career goals as well. The basis of every process is the documentation and plotting of possible outcomes to predict a best path to engage in. Once that is done, continuous improvement sets in until you either decide to change the objective or are content with the yielding results. It’s tedious but intellectually engaging in my view. Probably also the reason that I started to ‘document’ topics in forms of books. One published, get your free copy HERE, more in the making.
What are my professional goals?
Professionally I am deeply immersed in the High-Tech industry. I work with a great group of senior executives that understand the business and most importantly value the people working in the company by supporting their strength. I include myself in that and it is ultimately what drives my desire to be emulate the leadership displayed. I have therefore set myself the goal to be in a CxO role within the next 5 years.

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